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The Nickelson's Great Loop 
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Docktari at the Kemah Boardwalk

Barbara & I will be starting our two year Great Loop journey from Kemah on January 10, 2016.  My cousin, Karen and her husband Terry from San Diego will be starting the trip with us.  First stop, a short familiar ride to Galveston, then Eastbound and Down.   We will try to post our travels every couple of days with lots of pictures - we will also be posting on Facebook.  We will miss everyone, but are very excited to start our adventure

A Dolphin Goodbye

An unbelievable sight leaving Punta Gorda - Two Dolphins playing behind
Docktari - they jumped and swam with us for a good fifteen minutes

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ICW - The "Grand Canyon"

A very different "beautiful" ride on the ICW between Destin & Panama City, FL.